We are here to offer you day trips to pristine locations full of experiences of the Nordic way of life.

Our passion is to allow you to see and feel the authentic places and locations otherwise not easily accessible. Be that a hike in a quiet Nordic forest, sailing in the beautiful archipelago, a bath in a genuine Finnish sauna followed by a dip in clean lake water or a trip to a remote lighthouse island — we cater the needs of travelers seeking to experience Nordic way of life with our broad selection of readily built, easy to access trips.

To offer true authentic experiences our destinations are always hand picked small locations off the beaten track away from the crowds.

Welcome aboard to experience your Nordic Story with Norman Travels.

To ensure the best possible experiences all our trips have the following:

  • Guaranteed departures
  • Free cancellation up to 3 days before to departure
  • Easy-to-access pick up and drop off locations
  • Knowledgable and caring English speaking guides
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Norman Travels Community
  • Norman, traveller

    What attracts you in the Nordics?

    I have had the chance to meet so many wonderful people who have taken me to the most inspiring places. The pristine nature full of unique character as well as the city life, that takes place in the natural setting, are both something I wish everyone could experience.

    How did Norman travels come about?

    In thinking about my own experiences and listening to people’s travel stories the idea of Norman Travels began to shape up. We wanted to make these experiences accessible for everyone.

    What is Nordic way of life at it’s best for you?

    Spending time at a cottage sauna by the water.

  • Teresa, curiosity seeker

    What attracts you in the Nordics?

    First time entering the forests and the lakes of Nuuksio National park was a very emotional experience for me. The richness of colour and texture of the different mosses was an overwhelmingly beautiful moment. So many shades of green!

    What is Nordic way of life at it’s best for you?

    I enjoy being in the nature, swimming in a clean lake and just encapsulating all the senses in the sights, scents and sounds of the surrounding environment.

  • Benjamin, wilderness guide

    What attracts you in the Nordics?

    I’ve travelled around the world, but always come back to Finland, since we have the most beautiful nature here. It’s clean and there is plenty of room for everyone.

    Tell us something about your background?

    Ten years ago I counted I have slept more than 2000 nights outdoors, after that I’ve stopped counting.

    What is your favourite place to go to?

    One of my favourite locations is the outer archipelago just west of Bengtskär, preferably on a kayak, during winter or early spring when it’s really quiet paddling between the many skerries and islets.

  • Kathy, nordic personality

    What is Nordic way of life for you?

    The abundance of space. There is space between people, there is space to move around, even public spaces are not too crowded.

    How do you prefer to explore new sights?

    I enjoy the quietness and walking around the streets and discovering new sights. One doesn’t need to go far to experience nature, instead even in the heart of the city, there is always some element of nature present.

  • Daniel, wilderness guide

    What attracts you in the Nordics?

    I love all the seasons and the two billion year old base rock.

    Where do you go when you want to experience nature?

    I enjoy hiking and sleeping in the tent in the old growth forests. I’m especially fond of Paistunturi wilderness area in Lapland. Also canoeing around Porkkalanniemi is great fun.

    What is Nordic way of life at it’s best for you?

    I appreciate the easy going attitude towards life in general in the Nordic countries and the fact that everyman’s right guarantees access to nature for everyone. It’s clean and silent.

  • Ullis, guide

    What does Nordic nature mean to you?

    Everything, I grew up in a farm. When I turned four years old, I got a cow as a birthday present.

    Tell us something about your background?

    Since 1975 I have been working in the travel industry in many roles exploring the natural and cultural history of Finland by guiding tours, educating professional guides and writing travel books, including the Finnish history of sauna and bathing.

    What is Nordic way of life at it’s best for you?

    Urban nature. My favourite place to take people to is the Kallvik peninsula in Vuosaari, where people from different backgrounds enjoy nature in perfect harmony.

  • Abby, hiker

    What attracts you in the Nordics?

    Nature is part of everyday life. Most Nordic people have a lot of knowledge about their surrounding forests, lakes and seas.

    What is Nordic way of life at it’s best for you?

    I’m an avid hiker and found Nuuksio forest very mysterious. It is beautiful in spring, also during rainy days. Even the fog feels clean.

  • Mikki, green vision

    What is Nordic way of life for you?

    I’ve travelled a lot around the world and discovered that sometimes one has to go far to see close. My vision is to make Finland the green hub of the world, providing clean, sustainable food solutions and nature experiences for everybody.

    What is your relationship to the countryside?

    I grew up in the countryside and working closely with farmers is natural to me. I want to change things from the inside out, making me most likely the only yoga teacher in the world who works in the meat industry.

  • Aleksi, cyclist

    What attracts you in the Nordics?

    It is magical to be cycling during summer nights, all the scents of summer float by and time seems to move exceptionally slow.

    Do you have a favourite nature destination?

    We go camping every year to Ulko-Pisi, the last south-est island before the border of Russia. Also reaching the top of Ukko-Koli during the morning hours is spectacular.

  • Mats, sailor

    What is your relationship to nature?

    My first time in a sailing boat was when I was two-weeks old. Even now, the most enjoyable part of the year is leaving the shore.

    Do you have a favourite nature destination?

    One of our family secrets is a tiny island in Turku archipelago. We call it Kahden maston saari, since it only fits two boats in the bay. Another island called Björk Ö has a beautiful natural harbour and a lake inside the island. Also Bengtskär lighthouse is a special place. Turku archipelago is full of great islands and you only need to sail for a few hours in order to arrive in a completely new place.

  • Leena, tree enthusiast

    What is your relationship to nature?

    I’ve always felt a kind of kinship towards trees and rocks, and I really appreciate the possibility to spent time in nature as part of the everyday comings and goings.

    Do you have a favourite nature destination?

    In Helsinki I’ve grown fond of the Saunalahti nature preserve in Länsi-Herttoniemi since I lived right next to it. We also have an allotment in the near by area. Seeing life come up from underground in the spring and grow during our short season is exciting.

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